Sex, Blackmail and David Letterman

Have you seen this video clip from David Letterman show last night about someone trying to blackmail him:

When I watched this I didn’t know if it was serious or a joke for most of the clip. I found it strange how he chose to communicate this situation in his life. If he communicated this story to his wife in the same manner, what do you think the chances are for his relationship? I’d love to hear your thoughts on this clip.

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One thought on “Sex, Blackmail and David Letterman

  1. Rachel says:

    Hi Patty Ann,

    I have to admit that I thought the very same thing when I saw this clip. For more than half of it it seemed like it was a joke. I read online somewhere that his audience also thought it was just another joke. I thought the entire clip was very odd and the way he ended it with another weird joke.

    Thanks for sharing this story!

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